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The project by FABBRICA SACCARDO architetture
Fabbrica Saccardo, thanks to it location to the feet of a hilly ground, results to be articulated on more levels and constituted from more productive bodies succeeding to maintaining unchanged the logistic necessities of movement commodities considering that every level is reported through car accesses with the immediate surrounding territory.
The buildings with two polling chimneys are characterized by the modular sequence of the coverages to shed. They overhang facade articulated by the rhythmics succession of simple windows and circulars in the garrets.
The actual situation sees the addition of following bodies of factory in comparison to the original plant, realized looking to respect the existing structures however.
The inside spaces are articulated by the slender carrying columns in iron that, besides dividing the space in regular forms, they represent one of the elements typical of the buildings of end '800, also them produced in Schio by another nineteenth-century factory or rather the De Pretto Industries. 
The last floors result to be particularly bright thanks to the coverage to shed, that we find both in wood that in cement.
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The redevelopment has concerned the last floor of the body of superior factory of the complex Factory Saccardo for a general surface of around 2000 mq that have been turned into spaces destined to different uses: from a side they become places of job for professional studies (architects, photographers, artists, ballet dancer), from the other side the environment can become the location for private and cultural events. Here was born the SchioDesignFestival DesignFactory now (www.schiodesignfestival.it).
They are wanted to recover the environments in the maximum respect of the existing structure with the objective to valorize the spaces trying to adapt them to satisfy all the modern tied up demands to the use of the spaces themselves and this also maintaining the environment flexible visas the different anticipated uses that this space has called to satisfy. In substance the space has "suggested" what it desired to be and we have tried to satisfy it.
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The operation consists in a series of interventions not invaded that have induced to use glass walls that allowed the reading of the space its complex, to already take back the present chromatic variations as the white of the walls or the grey anthracite of the columns in iron for the furnish, to opt not for too sophisticated finishes that they are suitable better him to the environment "factory", place old machineries by now obsolete in the different environments testimony of the narrow bond with the history. This is to allow the same space to tell to full and to be the true protagonist.
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