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Giuseppe Saccardo, founder of the Factory Saccardo, originated from a family with strong entrepreneurial character. The first establishment, that founded, was situated in the historical center of Schio, along the stream that fed it. After a fire Joseph moved the production to a new structure, the actual FABBRICA SACCARDO. He chose to locate his new factory to the feet of the highland of the Tretto for the priceless resource that this territory offered: the water.
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The valley where the factory is located is characterized by the presence of many channels and streams. The stream Orco is the principal, it flows close to the same building becoming source of energy. Giuseppe besides the ground purchased, along the Valley of the Orco, also two hydraulic workshops, an iron maul and a wheat mill with the relative rights of water, referred all the channels and this allowed him to activate two small hydroelectric plants in the complex of the Factory, making it autonomous from the energetic point of view. 
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The north part of Vicenza is characterized by a strong presence of industrial archaeology in how much the whole zone is it crosses from courses of water. Particularly we can find three principal courses of water the Leogra, the Agno and the Astico. The Leogra, after having crossed the near city of Schio, arrives to the city of Vicenza becoming tributary of the Bacchiglione river.
The location of the Factory Saccardo on the Tretto gave besides the possibility to the population to integrate the agricultural job with the job in factory. The productive decentralization in fact, determined by the incidence of the water resources and the rural manpower on the structure of the costs and on the ability of competition of the enterprises, made the union of agriculture and industry. The Factory Saccardo was a true institution in the territory, and who worked inside it felt part of a great family, a sort of social reality over how productive.

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